Pattaya thailand travel economically Accommodation equivalent to a 5-star including a luxurious breakfast

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Pattaya thailand; Hi everyone, my first blog after covid pandemic! this trip would share you guy going to Koh Lan Island; let say Koh Lan is the one of Island to be located in Pattaya area and is in Gulf of Thailand….let chill and come with me….!! 🙂

It’s only 7 Kilometers from coast of Pattaya City. There are 8 beaches next in each other in there more information click

i had 2 friends to travel companions for this trip to Koh Lan Island together. They actually had something to do after that but we stayed at the same hotel.

Started travelling from Bangkok; pattaya thailand

Hay you guy….ok let go with me!!… there is only 2000-3000baht all of you guy can be fun, relaxing and happy for the trip. From Bangkok I got on the Van (Happy land Station, opposite The mall bangkapi)

which’s Van ticket 180baht for 1 trip. If i wanted back, i would call them to pick me up at hotel (there is Pattaya Van Station also). It’s the same price to VAN station in bangkok, just planed to stay here for 2 nights in pattaya.

16/02/2022 Aiyaree Place Rerort hotel stayed 16-17/2/2022 / check out on 18/2/2022

Hotel room is awesome! it’s cheap plus very nice; 500Baht per night including breakfast that’s very nice also. I would show you by photo and staffs here are very friendly.

why i was not staying at Koh Lan? the truth was… i needed to expense save 5555 🙂 🙂 so then didn’t want to stay at Koh Lan, comfortable to stay in pattay city khaaa 🙂

Also Hotel is not far from Jomtien beach we can be strolling along the street to… and around 2 kilogmeters to BALI HAI PIER (port to go koh lan)

Hotel Facility

  • Wifi
  • Bathtab
  • Towels/capO
  • Soap/Shampoo/Hiar onditioner
  • Hair dryer
  • TV/Refrigerator
  • Kattle

Main payment 1710baht

  • Hotel price 2 nights 1000Baht included vat
  • Speed boat to Koh Lan 300
  • Rent seat on beach 50 baht
  • Van ticket 360baht

Most of clients to stay here are foriegner who’s Thai wife. I just saw a few Thai family My 2 friends and I who’s Thai people in here 🙂 🙂

Travelling to Koh Lan Island

17/2/2022 we were 3 together got on minibus in front of Hotel to BALI HAI PIER. We had 2 choices. time schedule pattaya to koh lan click here

There is the passenger boat to Koh Lan everyday. By normal boat it’s spend the time at 30-40mins, fee ticket 30baht per trip which cheap than speed boat that’s 10-15mins. fee ticket 150baht per trip.

In my opinion; the normal way is cheap, safe and risk than speed boat!

My 2 friends and I chose speed boat, we paid for round trip which total 900baht for 3 persons. faster a lot, it’s fastest! hehe but it rather to risk abit 5555.

We planed to to be there until 3pm. Boat would pick up.

There was terrible exciting situation while back to coast…almost heavey rain since we left Koh Lan at 3pm. It was raining on the way to coast!

Boat had problem before it would be docking, then tow it to dock!! the engine was not working plus could not turn on 5555. My 2 friends and I plus 2 foriegners were seem lucky!! that wasn’t broken during on the way!

it’s time me to check out on 18. After breakfast, i back to Bangkok by safe! 🙂

koh lan trip /in hotel breakfast

see you next trip…enjoy your day and have a good day you guy!!


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