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ka nom thai
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Thai dessert; this blog let we talk about some of Thai desserts!

thai dessert
Developed Thai sweet/Ka-nom Thai/ ka-nom-kluay, ka-nom-tien, ka-nom-kluay toast

“Ka-nom-thai” is the identity unique culture of Thailand. It’s dedicated, appearance delicious, colorful, sweet, tasty, looks appetizing. It’s actually not elaborate methods or step doing is very gently much for villager! (read more here)

Nowadays, some of thai sweet are developed but still in the same format type

Thai dessert
Khao-tom-mad/ka-nom-kluay toast /developed thai sweet /5G AGE!

Thai dessert I remember that when i was kid. If we wanted to eat dessert (ka-nom). We had to wait until festival such as new year festival (Song-kran),Khao -Phansa festival(Buddhist lent),auspicious ceremony or there is important tradition and ceremony.

Ka nom tien
Ka nom Tien

Why that?? ; since I grown up to be familiar with the way of life in the folk style. One thing i could know it by myself, they didn’t like to eat sweet or sweet things. We didn’t eat sweet after meal and we also didn’t have any snack before eating meal. It’s folkways!! ordinary people!!  even being rich or poor would be live similar.

coconut sticky rice
Sticky rice with coconut milk
sticky rice with mango
Sticky rice mixed coconut milk with mango

I have heard it often, sweet made us to sick, native wisdom!  🙂 🙂  (drooling while sleeping at night), think that the generation right now may not know these 🙂  .

Most of Thai native people would make sweet only important on occasions such as merit-making important festivals or to be welcome important guests.

ka nom thai
Ka nom Thai/Thai sweet; Taro/banana/pumkin/ ka nom tarn

Folk wisdom

Native people, they would have folk wisdom. If there was too many fruits to eat in time. For example bananas; would make the banana porridge (Kao-tom kluay) which the method was very easy, it’s not complicated step. (Raw materials are ripe banana and sticky rice) (read more kao tom)

thai sweet
Thai sweet; ka nom tarn/ pumkin/ ka nom tien

But there was some type of sweet which require a lot of manpower doing and spend time to do. The most of them was traditional.  One of sweet was” ka-nom-pad”. It’s done by the ordination. It’s only put cane sugar and rice mixed cooking together with the large pan. see sample here ka-nom- pad”

I have ever seen when i was young,It actually used the large pan to place on the big stove and there are 2-3 of pastry help cooking then cooked, they would put into “tong -tueng” leaf

it’s a fantastic, fascination and unique of “KA-NOM-PAD”

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