Age is a just number 50 still looking good, young bright,strong, good health

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Chill with 50 of age still look nice Anti-aging, health food supplement, could be beautiful! YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT

Age is just a number;  Hay! you guy 50 yet?? This topic, let talk and share about how to do looking good by myself… 50 has not yet withered, good shape, good health well begun is half done! do you guy?

I was the one who’s like to take care myself since being a teenager properly. I was born 24/11/1966 and now i am 54 (24/7/2020)

age is a just number
taken 14/7/2020 jomtien pattaya

Age is a just number; I never thought that i would not to be old,  but i still thinking i still look ok(hehe oops!… 🙂 absolutely sure we were all getting old every day but how to keep us looking good?? 🙂 look nice and look good personality in digital and some of guy to make up era! 😉 😉

I didn’t like to eat oily food, fried foods, but i did it sometime but would eat it infrequently, the mostly focus to be boiling, curry and steamed over. I liked to eat vegetables and fruits to be mainly. I didn’t have any key eating.

age just a number
Zaap!! down on earth/ noodle 40baht 14/7/2020

Life is so good- age is just a number

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How to stay fit! I actually didn’t get any crazy to maintain my health but sometime drinking alcohol abit (for healthy)  55555 🙂 :). I didn’t drink tea, coffee plus food or beverages which contain with caffeine it’s all these to make me not sleep.

If wanting to drink it had to take before noon or not more over  1 pm. I didn’t eat snack things all the time. Eat soft drinks occasionally if i feel wanting. I like local ie-sarn food because of there was a lot of vegetables especially tasty of it.

I didn’t have any secret key or Technique about eating. I could eat every things as i wanted but i would know what time i could eat.

My favorite food; The mostly eating vegetables, i liked to eat spicy or zaap zaap food before 🙂 but after that i needed to reduce all of spicy food it’s all effects my stomach! when getting old… let me show you my firm shape later  🙂 🙂 🙂   h

  • I didn’t eat non- greasy food
  • I liked the food that’s a lot of vegetables
  • i liked Ie-sarn food; som-tam, minced, etc.,
  • taken some supplement (anyone wants to know, let chat outside 🙂 🙂
  • Stayed happy, good mood, optimistic, try to be positive thinking
  • workout often to be tighten muscles but not overload
age is a just number
taken 31/5/2020
54 of age, no powder foundation /August 2020
no foundation, only cheaper skin care, sun protection and make up
nam-wa banana with milk smoothie กล้วยน้ำว้าปั่น

I have eaten this every morning

Age is just a number
Vegetable Smoothie
Age is just a number
Nam-wa /watercress with milk smoothies
กิน เพื่อ สุขภาพ
Watercress at terrace condo
age is a just number
plant at terrace condo

What i was doing and eat everyday

  • Drink 500-600cc of mineral water after waking up in the morning everyday (now i changed to be hydro oxygen)
  • Eat banana vegetable milkshake smoothies to be breakfast
  • Next meal is normal
  • not eating rice every meal, avoid the food with a lot of starch (but must eat some because of body needs)
  • take vitamin C and some supplements
  • drink water 3000cc per day
  • mostly focus on eating vegetables
  • not eat spicy food,fried and oily food
  • exercise, get the rest and sleep enough
  • skin care such as body and facial exfoliation as well, i bought it at 7-11 cheaper! 🙂 🙂
  • not eating soft drink infrequency
  • i don’t drink tea coffee and caffeine containing beverage but drink alcohol 555555 abit 🙂 🙂
  • be optimistic
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see you again next blog khaaa

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