Bangpli floating Market, Bangpli ancient floating, been opened since 2400B.E (1857)

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Bangpli floating market or bangpli ancient floating market which’s been opened since 2400B.E. (1857), reign of King rama 4. It’s totally 163 years until now (8/12/2020) which is located at T. Bangpli yai, A. Bangpli, Samut Prakan province. It’s an old famous market.

It has been a large original community market and it was very prosperous in the past. The formerly name had known as “Sirisophon Market” bangpli travel center

i didn’t have job for today (8/12/2020), then find something to do!! 😉 😉 🙂 similar traveling samut prakan

Route to go Bangpli ancient floating market

bangpli floating market
Big-C Bangpli Samut prakan

I took the BTS to get off at Sam-rong station and out at Gate 1 ; walking along the path to Imperial and walked down the opposite side of mall to get the van point.

The journey is very an easy. i would let everyone to start at Imperial Department Store, Sam-Rong that is very simple and easy kha. There was Minibus and Van to going Bangpli which’s opposite side of Imperial mall.( Van fee 20baht/Minibus 8-15baht)

Bangpli floating market
Exit to imperial mall at Sam-rong station
Bangpli floating market
Path connected BTS STATION to imperial mall

Both of the Van and Minibus would drop us off at Big- C Bus stop. kha, and walked to the back of Big C.

Bangpli floating market
Path to the back of Big C to go Floating Market

The floating market was behind of Big C Mall (at 8/12/2020). All of you could shopping before that,there was shopping area to sell many products behind Big C !! 🙂 😉

Bangpli floating market
Market behind Big C
Bangpli floating market
Bangplk Ancient floating market
Vintage house
Bridge overpass
By boat

Overpass to floating market

We can cross over for 2 ways are by boat (fee 1 baht) and walked up the bridge as photo above kha

Vintage house
Bangpli ancient floating market samut prakan province Thailand

Also it’s very closely to get “Wat luang phor TO”; Wat Bangpli yai temple. I just walked along the path through to get there.

Market/path to Wat Bangpli yai temple(wat luang phor TO)
Going to Bangpli yai temple
Wat Bangpli yai Temple

I got here! feel getting hungry hehehehe 😉 🙂 🙂 Untie,she was selling “pad-thai as photo above so Phad-Thai 1, water 1; Pad-Thai 40baht, water 10baht 🙂

Anties was selling pad thai /in front of Bangpli yai temple
Pad Thai 40baht
Was eating pad thai 🙂

She tasted cooking. If anyone drop in there, let try. (Aroi kha). I didn’t add any seasonings!!

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I spent the time and chil chail there until 6pm kha. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 see you next blog kha bye bye kiss!!!

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