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The place to absorb and stimulate Chakra in Thailand

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Chakra;Thailand is a Land that is predominant buddhist, share the place which stimulate chakra in Thailand. Chakra was divined energy of human body that we could see, let called physical body.

But the divine body was the part of invisible but we could see with the inner eyes or the third eyes from meditation practice.

Mainly of chakras were all 7’s all the center of body, then we was seem hard to talk about referring to our an idea, mind, spiritual, feeling and physical to “unblock” or release all bad energy from our mind and spiritual to be positive energy.

People was all full desires and selfish in age digital age. Nowaday we could learn and could train the energy of the chakras by yourself which was different from before that might have master to control and teach 

People was more selfish and sins it’s a cause the world as a whole to be transformed by negative energy forces which impacted with everyone.!! I was the one who’s interested in it.

I would like to share the important places that i have already come for absorb these of energy. If anyone interest in it! plus believe in the power of nature which it had already existed and it has done stuff like that.

Subway 5 junctions Ladprao station Bangkok Thailand


I started to take the Subway from 5 junctions of ladprao station to the Sam-yod station.

How to activate energy; sit and close your eyes to make mediation and focus on that point around 10-15 minutes, more information click

From this here, we could go any temple first, would be Suthat or Saket depend on all of you select. These two temples are located on opposite side of the place.

Subway Sam-yod station, charoen krung Road Bangkok Thailand

Here are some of the places to stimulate and absorb chakras energy in Bangkok

  1.  Wat suthat ( Throat chakra 5th, thyroid area – Vishuddhi), related with the light blue color energy, communication, the truth, you could absorb the light blue energy in front of buddha image in the church (go to second church)
Suthat temple (second church) Bangkok Thailand

2. Wat saket(Third eyes, chakra 6th, forehead area-Ajna), related with indigo color energy,pineal and pituitary, idea, vision, wisdom,control ego, super ego. You could absorb the indigo color energy in front of buddha image in the “ach-tha-rod” church

ach-ta-rod church, wat saket Bangkok Thailand
Ach-tha-rod church/ Wat Saket Bangkok Thailand
Wat saket (saket temple) Bangkok Thailand

3. Golden mount/wat saket (crown chakra 7th-middle of the crown -sahasrara) related with the purple color energy,limbic areas, midbrain, self-realization, spiritual connection. you could get the purple color energy, cosmic energy at golden mount on the top floor.

golden mount
Golden mount/Wat saket Bangkok Thailand
going up to golden mount on the top floor Bangkok Thailand
On the top floor at golden mount/Wat saket /Bangkok Thailand
Golden mount
Golden mount Wat saket bangkok Thailand

4. Wat phra kaew (chakra 3th- solar plexus- Navel area-Manipura) related with yellow color energy,solar plexus,stomach, self-love, self confidence. You can absorb yellow energy in front of emerald buddha image in the church.

wat phrakaew
Emerald buddha image/ don’t take a photo inside ** this picture taken from outside ** bangkok Thailand
wat phrakaew
i was going to inside wat phra kaew church Bangkok Thailand
wat phrakaew
Phra kaew church area bangkok Thailand
wat phrakaew
Inside area wat phra kaew bangkok Thailand
wat phrakaew
I was going to inside wat phra kaew bangkok Thailand
inside area wat phra kaew bangkok Thailand
I was going to exit wat phra kaew bangkok Thailand
Wat chana song kram

5. Wat cha-na-song-kram (chakra 4th- heart -Anahata) related with green color energy,cardiac plexus, rich, love, joy, peace. You could get the green color energy in front of buddha image in the church.

***chakra 1th and 2th see you next blog!***

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