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About The Erawan Museum- Samut prakan province

Erawan Museum; There might be many people who did not know the Erawan Sculpture. Once I have been there for a long time ago. I could not imagine how it was right now and what it was like!! since then there still was not museum yet at that time. The Erawan Museum is floating sculpture of a 3-headed elephant which in Thai Literature that Erawan would have a totally of 33 heads. I back to get there again! today (2/10/2020)

The Museum is under Erawan. Inside area is wide and there are many floors. The way up is a spiral staircase, airy, roomy and open. There is lift service available inside area kha.

Erawan Museum
The Erawan Museum samut prakan province/taken from BTS on the way
26 Aug 2020 – 31 May 2021
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Erawan Museum, The Erawan Museum it is an important and outstanding for tourist attraction which is located at Sukhumvit Road, intersection with Karn-cha-na-pi-sek road T. Bangmueng Mai Samut Prakan province. read more information here

Entrance to Museum
Erawan Museum
In the part of inside Erawan museum

Initial of The Erawan Museum History

it was created imagination by Khun Lek Viriyaphan who’s businessman and is the owner of Viriya Insurance Company. He wanted to preserve the ancient items collected plus needs to sacred idols as an inheritance of Thailand. OK!! Mount moy has been enough! hehe hehe 🙂 🙂 🙂 I would tell all of you about route, I took subway from Ratchapisek station to got off at Asok Station and interchange to be BTS SKYTRAIN to got off at Chang Erawan Station.

Erawan Museum
This one is on the top of museum
Erawan Museum
Inside of Museum
Erawan Museum
Inside of Museum
Erawan Museum
Erawan Museum
Erawan Museum
Ratchadapisek Station -subway
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BTS- Line goes to Khe-ha station terminal at Asok station interchange/ get off at Chang Eerawan station( before Khe-ha station)
Chang Erawan Station ;Exit Gate 2/going down to escalator
ช้าง 3 เศียร
down here
Motorbike in front of 7-11 / 20 BAHT to Museum

Route to Museum

Exit at gate 2 and walked down to stairway. There was motorbike at 7-11 to get Museum, would be fee charged 20 baht. Also there was Museum’s limousine service there but take time. i was on the way back by minibus at the main road back to BTS, fee 8 baht. If anyone wanted to go by bus. There was the bus number 25 102 142 365 507 508 511 536 also you could ask the route at call center 1348

  • Ticket fee; Adult 250baht/ Kid 125baht per day for Thai people, Member for Thai people 265baht per year
  • Ticket fee; Adult 400baht/ Kid 200baht per day for foreigner
  • Open time ; 0900-1900 everyday/ Phone; 02-3713135-6 more information click here

The Legend of Erawan elephant- Erawan Museum Thailand

Hindo belief said that Lord Shiva gave the elephant to Indra ืby the name was “Erawan” some of legend said that elephant actually was a GOD to serve Indra. He would transform into be 33- headed of elephant. read more legend erawan elephant here

so wherever came this way let’s talk about the sacred it’s a little miracle kha!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 it’s stories of belief and the faith. In my opinion i thought that anything in this world or in the universe was always possible in the spirit (spiritual). if we used logic or science a lot, life might be get stuck!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

There was a story that a woman she asked for Erawan helps her to 1st prize of lottery and she would have sex with elephant! Finally she got it! but she did not do as she promised after that she was dead as raped but no sperm mark. Nobody knew it’s the truth or not? but anyway did not disrespect anything because of there was many stories about requesting a strange lottery. For me i didn’t play lottery!! hehehe 🙂 🙂 🙂 if anyone had an opportunity to visit my country, didn’t miss drop in there booking hotel cheaper here


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