Ko Kret Island popular tourist center,1 day trip,5mins from pak kret pier

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Ko Kret information

ko kret island
Ko Kret Island view

Ko Kret Island; It’s very popular for tourist, only 5mins from pak kret pier by ferry at wat Bor Temple to Por-ra-mai-yi-kar-ward Temple !! fee charged only 2 baht. Ko Kret would be opened every holiday like Saturday,Sunday and Public Holiday. There look alike Bangkrachao is a tourist attraction for shopping center and it’s inhabit of local people kha.

Ko Kret is a river Island in the lower of Chao Phraya River and status of a sub-district in Pak-Kret District,Nothaburi Province. Ko Kret has an area approximately 4.2 square kilometers or 2625 rai. The Inhabitant is Thai Mon People who’s a career making pottery. Ko Kret has created by excavating or by form digging a shortcut of Chao Phraya river canal. read more about Ko Kret here

Ok then let say about going to Ko Kret Island. i got there on Friday 30/10/2020, it’s not Holiday kha. There would be fun on Saturday and Sunday. i just wanted to look around. Once 19 years ago i have been there before. Ko Kret in the day before it’s very different nowadays.Shop and Restaurant are not many as today. 🙂 🙂

Route to Ko Kret Island

I started to take subway at Ladphrao station to got off at Asok station and interchanged to be BTS to Taksin station. After that i got on the orange flag color boat,(Tong-Som) boat fee 15 baht to got off at nonthaburi pier. If anyone needs to sightseeing the both sides of chao phraya river, all of you could take by boat and connected the bus no.32 to get Pak kret pier.

ko kret island
Nonthaburi pier
ko kret island
Bus stop area/walking from pire 100m

Bus stop far from pier about 100 meters kha. This route was not recommended. All of you would adventure with traffic jam hehehehe 🙂 🙂 ,it’s quite long distance (From Nonthaburi pier to Pak kret pier).

After traffic jam struggle 🙂 then i arrived Pak kret Pier! i walked straight to pier. A man told me 60baht to ko kret for chartered boat kha. I was chill hehehe 🙂 🙂 🙂 so I went by long tail boat; boat fee 20baht. This boat would terminated at Wat Yai temple. I would let telling all of you that it’s not necessary to get there by long tail boat except you need to sightseeing the both side of Island. ( i dit). It actually has small ferry to go to Ko Kret only 3-5mins. from here. (pak-kret pier)

ko kret island
Pak kret pier/Nonthabuir
ko kret island
Long tail boat/terminated at Yai Temple
ko kret island
On boat
On boat was running
ko kret island

On the way by Boat

During on the way to Ko Kret,around the both sides of Chao Phraya River are very beautiful and all still natural. (as said above, spend the time only 5 mins by ferry from pak kret pier to Por-ra-mai-yi-kar-ward temple pier.(I would tell you end of article kha).

ko kret island
View both sides of Ko Kret island

Boatman, he forgot tellING me to drop in Ko Kret hahahahaa 🙂 🙂 then I had to go with him until terminated at Wat Yai temple hehehe 🙂 it’s seem that I was lucky to have chance sightseeing the both side of Ko Kret and taken the photo!!.

View Ko Kret
View Baan Ka nom Thai ko kret island
ko kret island
Ruen Thai Ta-man/Ko Kret island
ko kret island
Vintage home /Ko Kret island
ko kret island
Baan Pla Sue
ko kret island
View around Ko Kret Island
ko kret island
Stupa Titled (Je-Dee Ieng)
ko kret island
drop in here kha
Walking street
Walking street
Friendly People

The uncle boatman dropped me in. i got off and looked around./The walking street

I have spoken with local people there, they were all very kind plus very lovely and friendly. There would be for 2 ways of walking street. There was an uncle, he was sitting at waterfront pavilion. He explained me that if we walked along the walking street by on the right ,it would be garden kha. If we walked along the walking street on the right.it would be terminated at Wat por-ra-mai-yi-kar-ward pier which across the river to Pak Kret Pier kha 5555 🙂 🙂 which less than 5mins. We would be at Pak Kret Pier kha 5555555 🙂 🙂 just feeling stupid came up!! hehehhe. but it’s ok, let a chance to look around beautiful view the both side of Ko Kret!

Wat por-ra-mai-yi-kar-ward temple

Por-ra-mai-yi-kar-ward temple is the temple that’s the end of Ko Kret Island. If all of you look at the opposite side is wat Bor Temple which could be comfortable walking to Pak Kret pier kha that why let said as above it’s very an easy plus comfortable only 3-5mins to get there!!

Walking Street area at Ko Kret Island; Normal day kha

Waling street area/normal day
Walking street/Normal day
Walking street /Normal day
Kiew Tiew Kai Baan Rao
Tiew Eing-nam
Ka-nom Thong-Pan made by from Goat milk
Walking street area

It’s time me to get back home now!! I not back to the same way. After walking around, i walked to the end of Island to go to Wat Por-ra-mai-yi-kar-ward temple, the photo as below. I got on the boat here 2 baht for fee boat to get pak-kret pier. As said not more 5mins!!@@opp opps!!

ko kret island
Ko Kret Island
On long tail boat
Ko Kret Island
Prepare going
Por-ra-mai-ra-yi-kar-ward temple Pier at Ko Kret
ko kret island
At pier/ Por-ra-mai-yi-kar-ward temple pier
At pier/ Por-ra-mai-yi-kar-ward temple pier
At pier/ Por-ra-mai-yi-kar-ward temple pier
ko kret island
Bor Temple Pier/Opposite side

From photo above, we could walk through out to Pak Kret Pier to back home kha.

Pak Kret path-Way out-the shortcut way
street for going back to Pak Kret pier
Throughout here
good girl who was holding kid
she explained me about the way out, i was walking with her/She picked up her kid from school at Ko kret Island
Photo on the both side walking path /on the way back to pak kret pier
Out through here kha /beside noodle shop photo 1
shortcut way for walking to pier crossing to Ko Kret Island /beside noodle shop photo2
The shortcut way for walking to the pier crossing to Ko Kret, it’s not finished yet/beside noodle shop (same area)

Route Recommend to Ko Kret Island

  • Take Van from Chatuchak market to Pak Kret Pier (very easy Van fee 26 Baht)
  • Take the boat from Sathorn Pier (fee boat 15baht), connected the bus no 32 (8baht bus fee) but not recommended except all of you need to sightseeing of Chao Phraya Rive

From Pak Kret pier to Ko Kret Island

  • After you arrived Pak Kret Pier, There is a walkway through to Pier it’s beside noodle shop kha. Let see photo attached above, crossing boat fee 2 baht (shortcut way and directly)
  • Take by Long tail boat fee boat 20baht, ask boat driver to drop you in Ko Kret Island.
  • Chartered boat; fee boat 60baht per person.

so you have less 200baht then could reach to Ko Kret island but may have to prepare money for shopping and have fun there 🙂 🙂 hehehehehe

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