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เดินเล่นชายหาดบางแสนแบบชิวๆ  Strolling at Bangsaen Beach-Chonburi Thailand

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Dongtan beach Jomtien pattaya chonburi Thailand 14/7/2020

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About Bangsaen beach

Beach is in gulf of Thailand (Ao thai ocean); located is at T. Saensuk  A. Mueng, Chonburi, it’s tourist attraction that’s  very much famous and well- know for a long time, being near bangkok; the Journey only 1 hour from bangkok by car, 2.5 kilometers of long beach. There is held to play local songkran water festival both of bangsaen and Pattaya beach every year.

it’s call “wan-lai” we would be enjoy with sea water will be clean toal 5 months since october-february similar as maldive; tourist attraction nearby; Larm Than, Vornnapa Beach, bangsaen walking street, natural study center mangrove conservation ,Sam-mook hill

Bangsaen beach
วัดพระแก้ว ด้านใน
Bangsaen beach
Dongtan beach Jomtien pattaya 14/7/2020
Dongtarn beach Jomtien pattaya 14/7/2020

Jomtien and Dongtan

Jomtien beachit’s a very beautiful sandy beach, stretching with the long line; located for 4 kilometers from south pattaya along the beach street, also turn the right junction from sukhumvit road at kilometers 150.5 and go straight for 2 kilometers.

This beach is clean, not crowded, very popular with tourists for living, there are many businesses especially nice accomodation   and hotel, being popular beach of pattaya

  • Travelling route; By Train no 283 from  railroad station bangkok – Plutalueng,  06.55am to pattaya station 10.35am or stop at  south pattaya station at 10.40am and return trip  train no 284  from south pattaya  at 14.14pm or pattaya station at 1421.pm to bangkok at 18.25pm on Monday-Friday, 1 trip per day
  • By Bus; from Ek-kamai bus terminal
bangsaen beach
Dongtan beach Jomtien pattaya 14/7/2020

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