Chao phraya tourist boat,the excellence experience of Thailand Capital 180B a trip only!

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Let take a boat ride Chao Phraya Boat, awesome experience of Thailand Capital Trip!!-chao phraya tourist boat

Chao phraya tourist boat; let take a boat ride chao phraya boat trip!!. With the most classic experience and romantic riversides lifestyle of chao phraya river which the most cheapest traveling 180 baht per trip! find booking hotel in bangkok here

Chao phraya tourist boat

On boat

ON DECK!@@@@@

icon siam exciting!!

To See around and sightseeing with chao phraya cruise. The most classic places and romantic riversides of Chao phraya river.

hehehe 🙂 🙂 i was the same plan to get up an early for first trip at 0930 am. i thought that i would have time to stop in many places to along the Chao Phraya River by planned stopping at every ports!! but 55555 anyway got up late!!! Finally i got trip 1230pm but chill chill kha. I just wanted to relaxing from stress with a long day working for many weeks. To find the place for relaxing and enjoy with scenery 🙂 amazing experience of Thailand Capital!

sightseeing along the chao phraya cruise 180b only cheapest!

chao phraya tourist boat

Chao phraya river taken by mobile phone

So let getting start! i got on the subway from Ladphrao station to be interchange at Asoke Station. Took BTS from here to got off at Taksin Station kha.

BTS Taksin Station

chao phraya tourist boat

Path goes down to the pire

chao phraya tourist boat

Pier area

chao phraya tourist boat

Inside area to buy ticket at pire


chao phraya tourist boat
Boat Thong-fah

As all of us to know as well that Chao Phraya River was the main river which among skyscraper,market, temples and monasteries. Also Bangkok could be called “the starting point” plus destination point of trip for all people around the world. City of angels of Asia! is the designation of Bangkok. As i said above i didn’t take a romantic dinner cruise. I just have taken a boat to enjoy the scenery for relaxing hehehe 🙂 🙂 if anyone wish to have a romantic dinner cruise, let try to see here cruise information i would try later!! 🙂

I bought the ticket 180baht and got trip at 1230pm. let find hotel booking in bangkok here

Book guide

There are information about the places inside the guide book

Map on guide book

The Officer advised me that i should take the boat to terminate first. It would be worth and not waste time much. Yes i did that too!!

Cruise schedule would be started at 0930 am and ended at 16.30pm. Also I got the information from officer guide that 09.30am-1400pm, the cruise would be every 30mins. After that would be every 1 hours from starting point. We could drop in every pier as we wish but would not late than 1630pm. Cruise would be started at Taksin pier(sathorn pier) and be terminated at Tha phra ar-thit pire.

Phra Arthit pier

Let find something to eat

Chao phraya tourist boat; I got on the boat here Tha phra ar-thit and spent the time strolling on street. it’s very very quiet. I arrived there about 1pm plus plus. Let find something to eat. There was only noodle shop in that area is Kuew-Tiew Rue Tha-phra-ar-thit (Noodle shop)

Kuew-Tiew Rue Tha-Phra-Ar-Thit shop

chao phraya tourist boat

chao phraya tourist boat

The part of shop

Chao phraya tourist boat


chao phraya tourist boat
Look tasty hehehe
chao phraya tourist boat

After that chill at riversides sightseeing to wait getting on the boat

i ordered for 2 sets; 50 baht per set kha,only me to eat there on that day. Vendor she said that it’s vegetarian festival then not many people. Shop would be closed 6pm everyday. If anyone drop in that area so let try. The tasty would be like sweet of thai herbs added. ZAPPP!!

As said we could drop in every pier. When got back on the boat,all of you Just show Guide book and ticket and it had to be chao phraya Cruise only (Thong-Fah), may not like photo above kha. While i was waiting for the boat, I saw around and taken the photo for romantic riverside restaurant. There was too many riverside restaurant on the both sides of Chao Phraya River.

riverside restaurant
On boat
chao phraya tourist boat
riverside restaurant
chao phraya tourist boat
riverside restaurant
chao phraya tourist boat
riverside restaurant
chao phraya tourist boat
riverside restaurant

On the way back from Tha phra ar-thit. I planned to got on at ICONSIAM. find booking residence in bangkok here

Arun Temple
LHONG 1919
Yod pi marn


I got on at ICONSIAM. Here was very big department store. ICONSIAM THE CITY OF ETERNAL GLORY Read more iconsiam. I drop in here around 2pm to look around and took a walk here over 2 hours. They had vegetarian festival (22/10/2020) at “Sook Siam” area on the first floor. There was many Thai native dessert for selling it’s seem floating market theme.

Banana in consiam 🙂 🙂
iconsiam front side
ICONSIAM /Front side

Boat arrived at ICONSIAM around 1630pm for the last trip. Officer, he saw me take VIDEO then he asked me take back to Tha Phra Ar-Thit again.

i didnt’ drop in any pier. Sitting on the deck and sightseeing hehehe luckey!! see you for romantic dinner cruise in the next trip kha bye bye… have fun khaaaa 🙂 🙂

Chao Phraya Tour Cruise /there are 9 piers

  • Sathorn pier – Beginning
  • River city
  • Lhong 1919
  • Rajchawong
  • Pak klong talad (Yod pimarn)
  • Wat Arun
  • Maharaj
  • Rot fai
  • Tha Phra ar-thit (terminated)


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