Travel to bangkok Arun Temple Phra Kwaew Temple Pho temple ,romantic place

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Traveling to bangkok an easy-Be around Bangkok

Travel to bangkok; Phra kwaew Temple, Arun Temple (Wat Chaeng), Pho Temple,tah-tien pier, tah-chang pier, Tah-Maharaj pier, be fresh, feel relaxing and romantic with chaophraya river.

Travel to bangkok
wat pho
Travel to bangkok
Ubosot Pho Temple
Phot temple
inside area wat pho
travel to bangkok
Wat pho-inside part

Bangkok City

Bangkok is many places to be beautiful and very nice places to visit. There is many people to get here plus well-know as well but might be some of people never to get there even me too. I have been living in bangkok more than 20 years since i was 18, but i do not have a chance to get there and visiting.

travel to bangkok
on boat- on the way to wat arun
tah-tien pier /opposite is wat arun

There is some of foreigner, they know about bangkok is better than me either some of thai people.

view chaophraya river
chaophraya river
view chaophraya river
view chaophraya river

Today (16/06/2020) i feel to wish going to wat Arun(Arun Temple). I never visit plus never feel by myself before, once i just was sitting at public park which connected with Tah-Tien pier, look ahead there ( nowaday does not have that park, it has changed to be car park) that why i’d like to share!

wat phra kwaew parth
wat phra kwaew parth /left side is Pho temple
keep walking to ta tien pier
keep walking path front side of phra kaew temple
travel to bankgok
took took-back side is tah-phrachan walking street shopping

Wat arun is very beautiful and very amazing when visited. its closely especially stupa. it liked to have something inside my heart (like spiritual) but i did not sure other people would be feel the same (it’s maintenanced, not allowed to get inside yet, would be finished after 1 month from now on 17/6/2020).

decorated vintage style
coffee wat chaeng
coffee shop in Arun Temple
Relax at coffee shop
sit and relax-coffee shop Arun Temple
travel to bangkok
stupa wat arun (arun temple) bangkok Thailand
Travel to bangkok
stupa Arun Temple
Gaint at Arun Temple
2 Giants take care the door at Arun Temple

Travel to bangkok-Amazing How to get there; it’s very easy

travel to bangkok
MRT lathrao station-BL-15 Blue line
travel to bangkok
MRT latphrao station BL-15 Blue line
travel to bangkok
Museam siam- MRT subway-BL-31 Blue line (Sa-nam-chai station)

I have taken by MRT-Blue line from Latphrao station (BL-15) to Sannam chai(BL-31) Station,  16 stations from here, after that out at gate 1,

ta-tien pier
Tah-Tien Pier-walk up from pier

walked up by escalators it would be Museum Siam, pho temple, keep walking at path, strolling  to phra kwaew temple, through to chaoprhaya river, shopping tah-phrachan, 3 piers are tah-tien to get wat arun (arun temple), tah-chang to siriraj, rakang temple (wat rakang) and tah-maharaj, all of these are same area connecting.

if all of you have an opportunity to visit, do not miss it!!!

MRT information

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