Jomtien beach hotel 400 baht comfortable clean popular pattaya thailand

jomtien beach
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Jomtien beach Strolling, cheaper trip walking along the long beautiful beach, pattaya Thailand after covid pandemic!

Jomtien beach;strolling with the long beautiful beach, brown sand beach with 6 kilometer which located at pattaya chonburi, beach is very popular here

jomtien beach
Jomtien pattaya
jomtien beach1
Jomtien pattaya

Jomtien beach;  13/7/2020 I  started from bangkok by Van at Happyland terminal, Bangkapi to destination, Van ticket fee 150baht for one trip,  left from there 1pm, van driven by motor way to get here spend time 2-3 hours.i did not any booking hotel yet but tentative checking a guesthouse at jomtien soi 2 (pattaya information)

Van terminal/happyland bangkapi bangkok
van terminal
Van terminal/happyland bangkapi bangkok

Van contact information;  Parking point

  • Bangkapi 084-3779624 0863248596
  • Ramkhakaeng University 1 (in front of soi ramkhamhaeng55 084-423 1212
  • South pattaya (sophon market) 087-8326202, 084-7666577
  • Don-hua-ror 084-4230707
  •  information center  086-3678387
  • service time 0600am-1900pm/ departure every 40 minutes

There was too many residences such as hostel, hotel, guesthouse. I had the one of hotel was very nice to share to all of you, “jomtien hostel” soi sarita hotel, go to their website contact information

Hotel faraway from beach approximately 250 meters (I did not choose that guesthouse, it’s expensive than here abit)

Jomtien hostel
Jomtien Hostel
jomtien hostel
Front side Jomtien hostel
Reception area
lobby hotel
Lobby area

room price 400baht per night, it’s very cheaper, reception staff is friendly, owner was foreigner, he was nice and friendly.


  • 5 floor in total
  • lift
  • terrace
  • room is nice, clean
  • Air, fan, refrigerator
  • TV, tissue
  • kitchen, can cooking
  • complementary drinking water all the time to stay
  • water heater machine
  • wifi
  • no phone in room
Terrace area
Room area
Room area

There was a massage shop, it’s at entrance (the part of sarita hotel) If anyone tired from around walking so i would like to recommend which i was already done,  inside area looks clean and airy;Therapist was good skill, 200 baht per hour both of thai massage and head back shoulder

tony massage shop
Tony massage shop

Jomtien to Dongtarn Beach/pattaya

Jomtien beach was long 6 kilometer, Dongtarn was located at the police station; nexts to jomtien beach. Beach was quiet, not be crowded, shady, comfortable. If we got hungry, there was 7-11 at opposite side. We could order the food and eating at 1st and 3rd floor or take away was fine! There was a totally 3 floors for service.

Dongtarn beach
Dongtarn beach/Pattaya
Beach area at Dongtarn
Dongtarn beach
Dongtarn beach/take from 3nd floor at 7-11
At 7-11 3rd floor
Basil fried rice with pork
1st floor area
Long beach/dongtarn/Pattaya
Dongtarn beach
Dongtarn beach/pattaya
Dong Tarn/pattaya

Look around to find good food;  Russia food market /jomtien  night market

There are various food menu service, i ordered Tom yum kueng, Spaghetti shrimp sauce,fruit shake and rice, price 100/89/25/10 respectively. I thought it did not expensive, cost living here was the same in Bangkok. It’s very good choice for foreigner to living.Both of fresh air and the cost living was low.

jomtien night market
Jomtien food market/russia night market
jomtien night market
Russia night market/jomtien pattaya
Night market
Night market/jomtien pattaya
Tom yum Keung/ Spaghetti sauce with shrimp/rice, fruit shake
food at night market
Eating/jomtien food night market/Pattaya

เว็บไซต์แหล่งหาเงินออนไลน์ ด้วยวิธีง่ายๆ สบาย

minibus/jomtien pattaya
minibus jomtien pattaya

It’s very easy and was convenience by minibus running on the beach road; 10 baht throughout

I stayed for 2 nights, spent money for the trip around 3,000baht. I just wanted to get the fresh air after stress from many things.  It’s very easy and comfortable, I called Van to pick me up and paid for ticket fee 150b as trip in.  Hotel booking

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