Metro Forest Ozone urban source in bangkok landscape architecture LAB by PTT

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Urban source in the city in Bangkok

Metro Forest is located at 81 Sukhapiban2 Rd, Dokmai Pravet District Bangkok Thailand

I was going to Ozone landscape urban source and green lung in Bangkok with 12 rai plus plus have been planted since 1994. The Gold is forests plant to increase the green area in the city center. Read more here and here

Open 0900am-1800pm Closed every Monday.

metro forest
Metro forest Pravet bangkok Thailand 22/12/2020

22/12/2020 No job today and also small money hehehehe 🙂 then find out the good place for relaxing in bangkok. First step, i got on Subway at Ladphrad to connected BTS at Sukhumvit Station to got off at On-Nuch station. booking luxury private residence here

metro forest
On Train..covid Era!! 😉 22/12/2020

Out at gate 1 and walked back towards Phra Khanong kha. I strolled walking along the path, 😉 through Phra Khanong fire station and keep walking until Prhra Khanong police station, turned right here to walk along the path to Bic C Extra.

BTS On-nuch Station
metro forest
Exit gate 1
Walk Down here BTS On-nuch station

Keep walking stroll- Metro Forest

i walked across the crosswalk in front of Bic C. going to Bus Stop. but if all of you did not want to. You could keep walking to across in front of Phra khanong public welfare Department it’s next door of Bic C. The opposite side is Bus Stop. That point did not crosswalk so you might be careful!.if wanted to do that.

metro forest
Walking along this path to Bic C

Phra Khanong Welfare Dept. /Bus Stop/On Bus/ Bus

Bic C Extra Phra Khanong

i walked to get on the bus at Bus stop(opposite side is Phra khanong Public welfare dept.) Bus number 1013 (Phra Khanong-Hau-ta-Khae). trip fee 18baht. to get on the bus which opposite Sirindron Hospital.

I across the crosswalk to sirindron would be Kwuew Tieaw Rue Por. Prateep. Plan that I would back to try, too many people was eating. i got here around 1pm plus plus!!!

Bus Stop opposite sirindron Hospital/Kwaew Tieaw Ru Por. Pratheep/ Blue Minibus

And walked across the crosswalk to Bus Stop to get on blue minibus number 999 (Numchai-Kingkwaew). Don’t get on number 888!! it would back to the same way. 🙂 This road calls On-Nuch-Ladkrabang kha.

Finally i got here hehehehe. The officer told me that the forest would be temporary closed coz about covid pandemic from tomorrow. (23/12/2020)Today was the last day. If anyone would come, they might call to inform in advance kha. I feel so really lucky!! 😉 😉

metro forest
Entrance Metro forest /sign in-out
metro forest
Cafe area
Entrance to forest

Walk around forest

I like here very much… forest has theater, sky walk, view point (observe tower), lift for disabled and elderly.,.there are many kind of plants as same as the forest nature.

I walked up at the top point(observe tower) hhahaaa555555 it’s so so terrible for me!!!. just one more floor, i would reach the highest but i couldn’t. The tower it’s sway when the wind blew. I was crawl down from top hahahah. I am too scared of heights!! i actually feel scaring since on the 4th floor!! hehehe

Observe Tower as said 😉 🙂
Taken from Observe point tower as said heheheh
Taken From Observe tower

i spent the time until 5pm, then back from here to drop in Kaew tiew Rue. Very good tasty kha. Let try when get there. 20baht per set.

Bye bye see you next blog. kiss !!!

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